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Flicking through the channels Saturday night we realised the Katie Taylor fight was on and started watching it Was the first time I've actually watched one of her fights and it was a cracker now a 2 weight world champion and only Steve Collins and Carl Frampton have achieved that from Ireland When you compare her to the coverage that muppet Mc Gregor gets they really are worlds apart when they really shouldn't be But it goes to show what marketing and salemanship can do  ^^^^^ That's what it all comes down to really  From all the reports going about it seems like only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down around Mc Gregor and it's a shame for someone who could of done so much good for people To end up like that. Anyhoo, Hopefully Katie Taylor can inspire lots of young girls, which I'm sure she already has, to get into sport and use their time better  and it's great for teenagers to look up to the likes of great athlete's than god knows what else It's great for all of us to have people to look up to and try to push us on and nothing wrong with a good ole fashioned man/ woman crush Like I have for Tom Brady <<<< Yep The most impressive thing about people like this is how humble and down to earth they usually are They just love what they do, are very talented and work their ass off How can you hate on that? Especially when compared to so many who love to get carried away with the themselves about very little So hopefully Katie keeps on winning and gets some recognition for it Don't forget, We have a new group of 20 enthusiastic folks starting our 6 Week Program next week the 11th of November and we also have a new training program starting in our Small Group Personal Training If you are interested in either of them be sure to reply to this email ASAP with either "6 Weeks" or "Small Group" Think Big And Kick Ass



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