What you DON'T want to know

Last week I got chatting to a lad who is attending a gym in a different town

He was doing their high end program and thought they should be doing Body Fat Percentages regularly and was a bit annoyed that they didn't

Knowing your body fat is one of these things that people think they want to know but really don't

No female wants to be told they are 25% Body Fat (which is actually not too bad for a middle aged woman) and god help the man who is going to tell them that..

Back when I worked in a Leisure Centre/ Gym to learn my trade I soon learnt that it's only going to upset the client and set them off track which is completely defeating the purpose Clients have been known to storm out of the place altogether <<<< NOT A PRETTY SITE

Also, all these methods that people use are known to be very inaccurate so even the results you are getting can't be relied on. It's laughable when you see people boast about their body fat percentage being 5% or something mental when the only people that get this are the people that are about to step on stage and it will soon go up after it you can be guaranteed of that.

What to do instead? Here's some tips

- Best way is to take Progress pics every week. Of course no one does this but it's a great way to see the differences long term

- Focus on the process. However long you have given yourself to achieve the goal of losing X weight or gaining X amount of muscle you could probably double it, Patience is key

- Don't obsess over Numbers. You will know by the pictures and even your clothes if you are making progress.

and like most things in life, the most important things arn't measurable. Sleeping better at night, waking up and feeling good, having more energy etc are all things you should be focusing on so much more than worrying about BF% You know that's what it's really about right ^^^^^^

We all love numbers and marketers love to make things sexy so it sounds appealing and really important to people but trust me Unless you are stepping on stage or need your weight down for an upcoming fight then your BF% does NOT matter I would question if they even matter for those 2 times Instead of focusing on things like that just focus on the process Have I got my workouts in Have I hit my Protein targets Have I hit my calories target etc and thank me later  :)

Think Big And Kick Ass



Whenever you're ready,

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