Will This Make Me Skinny In 4 Week's?

Received an email a few months back  I held off using it as an email here just to see how things panned out and of course they panned out exactly as expected So after some toing and froing the question was Will this make me skinny in 4 weeks? First of all to answer their question: Well I don't fudging know Are you gonna train hard and do what we say Or are you going to faff about and look around you  Are you gonna take your diet serious and do what we say Or are you gonna go home and "Treat" yourself for being a good little boy or girl and doing a full 45 or 60 of exercise ^^^^^ You are not a Dog and Not a 2 yr old anymore You don't get to treat yourself numerous times a day and still expect to achieve what you want to achieve Second of all: It's almost guaranteed that this person is a bluffer who is looking for the magic solution  Because anyone who has any sort of interest in actually getting (and staying) in shape Knows that it takes time and then you have to stick at it consistently to keep that shape and keep making progress And after being in this biz for manys a year you get to notice these patterns The people looking for the quick fix can be spotted a mile away And the people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work can also be spotted a mile away As they say things like "I know it's took me a long time to put this weight on and get out of shape and it's going to take me a long time to get myself back to where I want to be!" and they are the sort of people that do it of course May sound harsh But is very true <<<<< In other news Don't forget that it is a BIG WEEK next week in Dutchy's Fitness Land We have a new training cycle in our 12 Week Get Lean Project starting this coming Monday so if you would like more info on that just reply to this email with "Get Lean" and We are also starting our next 6 Week Transformation Program where you get unlimited access to our 30 plus workouts as well as weighed & measured and Diet guidelines if you want more info on that just reply with "6 Week Program" and last  but not least We have our over 50's classes on Tuesday's and Thursdays at 11:30AM so reply with "Over 50's" if that's for you Something for everyone right there Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

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