You Know This Person?

As we are now into "Black Eyed Friday" I'm sure now's not the time to be getting into diet and fitness advice 

So I'm going to go with a little bit of banter of the types of clients every Fitness Business/ Gym Owner 

One reason I really hate snowflakes is that they think they are the only ones with problems  The poor me BS that everyone else has it so much easier than me Cause my life's so tough ^^^^^ Cry me a river buddy And then their crying about first world problems After a few years in business you realise there are certain types of clients And every fitness business all around the world has them Actually, Every BUSINESS has them, fitness or otherwise From the honest hard working members that we love To the ones who are only in the door yet are already looking a discount And I seen this on Instagram the other day and it gave me a chuckle If you are a consistent reader of these emails chances are you are not any of these people It doesn't mention the honest hard working folks It's talking about all the whiny useless types So I bet you can think of someone when you see each type of client we deal with every day Luckily these arn't "clients" as much as people dipping in and out Then realise it takes hard work and actually costs money and then they run off to another gym in town while they jump from pillar to post So the odd day you see me being a bit cranky It's not cause I've had a row with Lorraine it may be that I've came across one of these people Then 30 minutes later I remember life's to short for these people and cop myself on So check out the link and let me know when you have came across these people in your everyday life Don't forget, We still have a few voucher's left for that LAST MINUTE pressie So you can buy any of these programs for a loved one using the vouchers: 6 Weeks €99 (New Members only or people who haven't been in for over a year) PT €250 (2 PT sessions a week at 30 minute a session x 5 weeks) 12 Week Get Lean Project €480 6 Months of unlimited classes €360 or of course you could forward this email onto someone in your life as an ever so subtle hint in the right direction  as today and tomorrow is your last chance before we close for xmas be sure to get in touch ASAP Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

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